Michigan Tech Recruiting Grid

Michigan Tech has many committed recruits, most of whom are documented on Chris Heisenberg's 2017 List. We scour Twitter, team sites and league sites for verbal commitments to keep this information up to date. Some of these recruits have signed a Natonal Letter of Intent (NLI) and others have are currently verbally committed. Most will sign an NLI before heading to MTU, with official University announcements (see footnotes below) usually released in December and late Spring. Tech Hockey Guide follows these recruits as they progress with their current teams and below is our best guess as to when these committed players will join the Huskies. Some of these players will get shifted earlier or later as current players redshirt, leave the program and depart early for professional hockey and as other players make their commitments. We do our best to take everything we know into account and provide the most accurate view of the future we can.


2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Reid SturosBrent Baltus*Evan Anderson*Thomas BerettaMarcus RussellTommy ParrottinoᴰBrian HalonenLogan Pietila
Tyler HeinonenJoel L'EsperanceMason Blacklock*Gavin GouldGreyson ReitmeierJake CrespiMarcus MitchellGabe Temple
Mike NevilleAlex GilliesJake JacksonChris GerrieJustin MisiakᴱJackson CatesᴰLogan Pietila
Brent Baltus*Dylan Steman*Jake LucchiniRaymond BriceTommy ParrottinoᴰMitch NewsomeᴬGabe Temple
Joel L'EsperanceEvan Anderson*Thomas BerettaAlex SmithJake CrespiJagger Williamsonᴮ
Alex GilliesMason Blacklock*Gavin GouldMarcus RussellJackson CatesᴰBrian Halonen
Dylan Steman*Jake JacksonChris GerrieGreyson ReitmeierMitch NewsomeᴬMarcus Mitchell
Evan Anderson*Jake LucchiniRaymond BriceJustin MisiakᴱJagger WilliamsonᴮLogan Pietila
Mason Blacklock*Thomas BerettaAlex SmithTommy ParrottinoᴰBrian HalonenGabe Temple
Jake JacksonGavin GouldMarcus RussellJake CrespiMarcus Mitchell
Jake LucchiniChris GerrieGreyson ReitmeierJackson CatesᴰLogan Pietila
Erik PedersonRaymond BriceJustin MisiakᴱMitch NewsomeᴬGabe Temple
Thomas BerettaAlex SmithTommy ParrottinoᴰJagger Williamsonᴮ
Gavin GouldMarcus RussellJake CrespiBrian Halonen
Chris GerrieGreyson ReitmeierJackson CatesᴰMarcus Mitchell
Raymond BriceJustin MisiakᴱMitch Newsomeᴬ
Alex SmithJagger Williamsonᴮ


2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Chris LeibingerMark AukKeegan FordTodd KiilunenTyler RockwellCarver WatsonᴮBrenden RonsEvan Orr
Cliff WatsonDane BirksTodd KiilunenMitch ReinkeCooper WatsonᴬColin SwoyerᴰEvan Orr
Shane HannaKeegan FordMitch ReinkeTyler RockwellMitch MeekᴰBrenden Rons
Matthew RoyTodd KiilunenTyler RockwellCooper WatsonᴬSeamus DonohueᴱEvan Orr
Mark AukMitch ReinkeCooper WatsonᴬMitch MeekᴰCarver Watsonᴮ
Dane BirksTyler RockwellMitch MeekᴰSeamus DonohueᴱColin Swoyerᴰ
Todd KiilunenCooper WatsonᴬSeamus DonohueᴱCarver WatsonᴮBrenden Rons
Mitch ReinkeMitch MeekᴰCarver WatsonᴮColin SwoyerᴰEvan Orr
Seamus DonohueᴱColin SwoyerᴰBrenden Rons


2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Matt WintjesDevin KeroRobbie BeydounᴰRobbie BeydounᴰRobbie BeydounᴰBlake PietilaBlake PietilaBlake Pietila
Devin KeroRobbie BeydounᴰBlake Pietila
Angus Redmond


ᴬ Signed National Letter of Intent in November 2014

ᴮ Signed National Letter of Intent in November 2015

ᴰ Signed National Letter of Intent in November 2016

ᴱ Signed National Letter of Intent in Spring 2017

*Redshirt, eligible for a fifth season with Michigan Tech